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We make the most important looking Signs

Everyone has seen the Harvey Nichols main neon signs in Knightsbridge London and the main Government Signage in Central London but may not have aware of our signage in the Bourne Ultimatum Movie which we made and installed within a 1-3 working day turnaround Time. If you like the signage we make, Call 0208 133 1819 and email info@e-signs.co.uk. We understand the importance of displaying your brand in the best materials and how to make the signage you display reflect your company quality.

Signs made for BArclays smooth Fm westminster council British transport police Gucci, BBC, Tisali, MG Park Lane,Infiniti, Roundhouse by www.e-signs.co.ukFasica signs made and installed by www.e-signs.co.uk for mercedes car dealership in LondonSigns ufitted for MArks using vinyl decal and 80% tinted window film by Lewis Critchley of www.e-signs.co.ukTiscali Signs made in Foamex & perspex on locators in Stevenage www.e-signs.co.ukSigns made for Harvey Nichols By www.e-signs.co.uklove film main signs using digital print made and installed by www.e-signs.co.ukSign made for BIS Government by www. e-signs.co.uk5mm deep stainless steel powdercoated signs made for Minhaj Healthcare in London by www.e-signs.co.uk


Why signs are important

The main impression your company makes on the street is through the building and the signage displayed there. We tend to decide for our clients the recommended route to make the signage look appealing and discrete. We know from experience that our signage last well over the expected life expectancy and warranty limited of 5-10 years. We are often called back to remake and refit signage for existing customers because we care about the whole process from meeting with our clients, designing the approved signage, through to manufacturing and then installing the final signage.


How to order your new signs

Email info@e-signs.co.uk – the kind of signage, the size and artwork for the signage you wish for ( an eps outline file, with the font outlined or pdf high resolution file for digital printed signs) and let us recommend best practice signage solutions that make you look as good as you are.

Then on receipt of payment by Paypal or BACs and approval of the artwork we send to you, we manufacture your signage and confirm installation day. We attend your site to meet you to discuss the project as a survey, sometimes for a small fee (which is removed from the signage Invoice on your go ahead of signage works).

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Neon Signs

Video of E Signs® London Signmakers Neon Signs

Watch the Video of the London Signmakers Neon Signs which we Produced and installed for Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge London. VIDEO click here. The Harvey Nichols Neon was made from thick white tubes and are filled with mercury gas that lights up in the colour of your choice when an electrical current is passed through the tubes. E Signs ® is the registered trade mark of Lewis Critchley

roundhouse close copy Neon Signs E-signs www.e-signs.co.ukThe Berkeley Hotel London - Central London 5* Luxury Stay‎ Neon Signs with chandalierNeon Signs for Harvey Nichols - Luxury & Iconic Lifestyle Brands‎ Watch the Video of the London Signmakers Neon SignsYan Jiechang Neon Signs Artists continue to try hard by www.e-signs.co.uk have made and Installed Art Installions in Central London at an art galley in Soho Mayfair London with Neon Sign created and installed Watch the Video of the London Signmakers Neon Signsneon Signs blue neon Timbucktu made for Selfridges by www.e-signs.co.uk for Selfridges

Coloured tubing is available and as the neon sign tubes are Fragile and we recommend our experienced installer install the neon Sign. If you watch Video of the London Signmakers Neon Signs you will see we Project Manage the neon Sign design, manufacture, installation, traffic management, PASMA, CSCS and IPAS trained crane operators and Public Liability for 10 Million Pounds.

NEON colour letter (white/clear when off – (add transformer)

How to order your Neon Signs

Stage 1: Click the pay pal link for the number of letters you require and complete checkout.

Stage 2: Email us at info@e-signs.co.uk – the artwork for the sign (preferably as an eps outline file, with the font outlined) or send a pdf file in high resolution (600 dots per inch) for digital printed signs.We attend site surveys for a small fee which is removed from the sign Invoice on your go ahead of the works.

Stage 3:  On receipt of payment by paypal or BACs payment and your approval of the artwork we send to you, we will manufacture the sign and confirm installation day. If you require the neon to be on a clear perspex backing or within a box, the neon can be assembled so that it can be fitted in one piece rather than separate letters. The wires either side can cause an electrical shock, keep children away from a neon sign. A transformer is required with each sign you order to change the 240 Volts into the bespoke power of the particular sign. The transformer required is dependent on the number and size of the letters you select. We select the correct transformer for your sign. Our neon includes the wiring and fittings and is made by us in London, as you’ll see when you Watch the Video of the London Signmakers neon signs, you will have your Neon fitted professionally, Select the half day installation option for internal signs and the full day option for external signs. internal neon signs transformers connected to your neon sign, can be plugged directly into a standard electrical 3 pin wall socket.
if Select our certified electrician power feed option for fitting fused wiring and a safety shut off switch, by our electrician, required for external neon signs.

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